We offer the most affordable museum quality Family Bond Sculptures right here in the heart of Southern Colorado

The ceremonial taking of each other's hands at the wedding symbolizes the bond of two souls together for eternity.

Southern Colorado Artist Sean Garman has developed a process that captures YOUR HANDS bonded together forever.

Sean makes a mold directly on the Bride and Grooms hands, then creates a beautiful, remarkably detailed sculpture that captures the true depth and essence of their love for one another. Your personal "True Love" sculpture will be admired by all of your wedding guests and will be treasured by your family for generations.

Your personal Sculpture will be the most admired Wedding Centerpiece.

Weddings are expensive, it adds up quickly; wedding planners, wedding dress, tuxedo rental, wedding photographer and/or videographer, flower arrangements and the list goes on and on. Most of this is gone and forgotten after the wedding is over but your Wedding Sculpture of YOUR HANDS bonded together will be the most beautiful, prized possession of your family forever!

This truly is the best Wedding Gift in the world and it's only available right here in the Fort Lauderdale, Miami, West Palm Beach area.

“This is the most unique and personal Wedding Gift that we received! We will treasure our sculpture forever!”
- M. Alder, Miami, FL

"My wife cried when we walked in Sean's Gallery. She wanted to do this for two years and obsessed over his online posts. This was the best gift I ever got for her! She still thanks me to this day. Thank you guys so much!"

D. Garcia, Miami, FL


Our work has been featured in major publications and in the news