We make the mold directly on YOUR Hands and then create your one-of-a-kind personal family sculpture of your hands Bonded Together Forever!

Southern Colorado Artist Sean Garman has developed a process that captures YOUR HANDS bonded together for eternity.

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Each Sculpture Tells
A Beautiful Story

Throughout human history, holding hands has always been the most common way that we display deep affection for one-another. For this reason, Couples and families come to Garman Sculpture works for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, Wedding and Anniversary Gifts, Christmas Gifts and so on. Nevertheless, the deep underlying reason is always to capture the loving bond between them.

We pride ourselves on giving our clients an incredibly unique bonding experience and then presenting them with what will be their most prized possession that will be treasured for generations to come. As a result, we have perfected a truly fun and unforgettable experience that produces amazingly detailed sculptures at affordable prices.

“This is the most amazing thing that we have ever done for our anniversary.
We will be able to pass this on to our grandchildren.”

Susan M., Miami, FL

Anniversary Hand Sculptures

Celebrate this anniversary with an undeniably timeless gift that will be treasured for years to come.

“I was totally shocked about how affordable this is! Our sculpture is absolutely priceless. I thought it would be so much more expensive! This is the best thing that we have ever done as a family. Thank you Garman Sculpture Works!”
- Mary. A, Oakland Park, FL


Wedding Hand Sculptures

This truly is the best Wedding Gift in the world...

“This is the most unique and personal Wedding Gift that we received! We will treasure our sculpture forever!”
- M. Alder, Miami, FL


We offer the most affordable museum quality Family Bond Sculptures right here in Colorado Springs

Originally $499 per person

On sale now for $249 per person

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“Beautiful Sculptures!”