“I was totally shocked about how affordable this is! Our sculpture is absolutely priceless. I thought it would be so much more expensive! This is the best thing that we have ever done as a family. Thank you Garman Sculpture Works!”

M. Adams, Oakland Park, FL

Garman Sculpture Works has been featured in major publications and in the news

Our sculptures are truly
the most memorable Father's Day Gift!

Each step of our process creates
a memory that will be treasured
for years to come!

South Florida Artist, Sean Garman has developed a process that captures the essence of the Family Bond. When you arrive for your appointment, You get to design your own personal one-of-a-kind sculpture!

“This is truly our most prized possession. We paid more for our couch. We will be able to pass this on to our grandchildren.”

J. Price, Miami, FL


Next, Sean Garman makes the mold of you and your loved ones hands bonded together. The process is a lot of fun and completely unforgettable! All of our molding materials are completely body safe.

After the mold is complete, Garman creates your one-of-a-kind work of art that will be treasured in your family for generations to come.