The Family-Bond Project

Over the past year, Garman Sculpture Works has worked with the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Southern Colorado & the Morgan Adam's Foundation. We have donating beautifully crafted hand sculptures to families with critically-ill children. Check out the videos below to learn more about the Family Bond Project!

"Joey Costco of Costco & Metal along with Dave and Mike Costco of Colorado Industrial Recycling partnered Garman Sculpture Works. Next, we received word from the Ronald McDonald House of Southern Colorado and The Morgan Adams Foundation. They both do a fantastic job of supporting families with critically ill family members and work on collecting funds for pediatric cancer research. They jumped onboard and provided a venue for us to produce these sculptures. Next, They selected five families that would ultimately receive a one-of-a-kind sculpture. Each family will be able to touch their family members hands forever forever. We appreciate the assistance in helping bring families together to showcase their strength."

- Sean Garman, Garman Sculpture Works

The Family Bond Project

Sculpture Reveal to Families

Would you like to donate a sculpture to a family with a critically-ill family member?

Each donated Family Bond Sculpture tells a heartfelt and inspiring story of love and strength.

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