Shopping for the loved ones in your life may at some point become a challenge. You may be unsuccessful in finding unique and special presents for relatives and friends in your local stores. Rather than select gifts that are impersonal and random, you can help create a one-of-a-kind present for someone special with the help of Fort Lauderdale sculptor Sean Garman. His realistic and personalized anatomical sculptures can become some of your family and friends’ most unique gift and treasured keepsakes.

Hand Holding Sculptures

Your hands can represent much about your life. They symbolize your ability to work and to create things. They also symbolize your literal ability to hold onto something or someone who is precious to you.

This connection to others in your life can be well represented by one of Garman’s holding hands or family hands sculptures. These creations depict you and your loved ones holding onto each other’s wrists or arms. While you and your family sit still, Garman pours the mold over your hands and arms, capturing the hold that you all possess on each other.

Likewise, a holding hands sculpture depicts the closeness between you and another person in your life. Many couples choose to have one of these sculptures created to mark their weddings or engagements. Parents also choose these sculptures to show the bond they have with their children.

With 20 years’ worth of experience in the art world, Garman takes every bit of care to ensure that the finished product is as lifelike and meaningful as possible. He sculpts every work of art so that fine lines on the hands and designs in jewelry are clearly evident once the product is finished. You will be pleased with the final result of your sculpture. It very well could become a one-of-a-kind keepsake that your loved one will treasure and keep for years.

Body Sculptures

Along with sculpting hands, Garman and his Garman Sculpture Works studio also specialize in creating body sculptures. He can sculpt abdomens, babies’ feet, and even pregnant bellies to create personalized, unique gifts.

Baby feet sculptures are particularly popular gift ideas for grandparents and other relatives who perhaps live out of state or are unable to visit the new baby as often as they like. The sculpture can provide a visual reminder of the newest family member and become a keepsake that the relatives will display in their homes.

A pregnant belly sculpture can be the ideal gift for a new mom who wants to remember her pregnancy and what her body looked like while she was carrying her child. The work of art could become a decoration that could be displayed in the baby’s nursery or elsewhere in the new mom’s house.

Finding the perfect one-of-a-kind gift for loved ones can be challenging. You can eliminate the fear of buying an invaluable and impersonal present by choosing one of Sean Garman’s sculptures instead. You can reserve time in his Garman Sculpture Works studio today for you and your loved ones by contacting us here.