Often times anniversary gifts are only for your significant other. That is perfectly fine, and is exactly what an anniversary gift should be. That said, what if you wanted to share your anniversary gift with your significant other and the family you two have made with each other? That is exactly what Mr. DiNapoli though when he got his wife a family hand sculpture for their anniversary.

Although Garman Sculpture Works, which has been rated as one of the top Things to Do in Lauderdale by the Sea, offers couple hand sculptures, which make a great anniversary gift, there is something truly  special and unique about having the entire family in on a family hand sculpture. Instead of just capturing the love you and your significant other share, capture the entire love that your whole family is. There is no better unique anniversary gift than that of a family hand sculpture.

“My husband got this for us for our anniversary, and it was really the best gift he could’ve given our family… Not only was the experience amazing and memorable but we have this beautiful sculpture that will always remind us of the importance of family and the love we share for each other. We highly recommend this experience for people who want to commemorate relationships they cherish in their lives. Just perfect!” – M. DiNapoli


As Mrs. DiNapoli mentioned, it wasn’t just the actual sculpture that was the best gift, but the actual experience. When people are thinking of unique anniversary gifts, whether local to Fort Lauderdale or buying online, you usually are not getting a truly unique experience. With the unique family hands sculpture, which is only available from Garman Sculpture Works in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, you are getting a timeless and incredibly unique anniversary gift while also making memories from the experience which will last a lifetime.

For those who are not celebrating an anniversary, there are many occasions that a family hand sculpture could be appropriate. From Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, a birthday, Christmas, Easter or more, there is not a holiday or occasion that you could not make incredible by having the unique family hand sculpture made of you and your family. Even without a special occasion, you can make an ordinary weekend in Fort Lauderdale or South Florida turn into an extraordinary weekend by coming to Garman Sculpture Works and getting the family hand sculpture done.

Whether you are looking for unique anniversary gifts in Fort Lauderdale or if you are looking for a gift that the entire family can shore in on, a family hand sculpture might be just for you. For more information, or to schedule your unique anniversary gift with Garman Sculpture Works, simply give us a call at 954-789-5001.