As exciting as it is to welcome a newborn baby into the family, parents soon realize that their baby’s earliest days pass by quickly. Their newborn changes and grows every day. Along with taking pictures and videos of their newborn, parents can also recall their baby’s newborn stage by having a newborn sculpture created at Fort Lauderdale’s Garman Sculpture Works. This sculpture will capture the baby’s earliest days and can also become a treasured keepsake for the parents.

Parents of newborns understandably may wonder what it is involved in the creative process. They want to ensure that their babies will be kept safe and sound. With more than two decades’ worth of sculpting experience, Sean Garman ensures that the creative process involved in making a newborn sculpture will be as smooth and stress-free as possible. Some babies may even sleep through the process of having a sculpture of their hands and feet made.

The material used to make the sculpture is also safe and free from anything that might distress a newborn. Parents can be involved in the entire creative process and watch as the sculpture of their baby’s hands or feet is created. After the mold sets, Sean finishes every detail to ensure that fine lines and unique imprints are visible in the sculpture. Parents can then select the sculpture’s finish to ensure that the end result meets their satisfaction.

A newborn sculpture is not only the perfect keepsake for parents to treasure throughout the years. It also can be the ideal gift to give to other people in the family. Grandparents, for example, often want to have visual reminders of their grandchildren on hand. With a newborn sculpture, they will have a lifelike representation of their grandchild. This gift can be ideal for grandparents who perhaps do not live close to their grandchildren and cannot travel often to visit.

It can also be the ideal gift to give to the baby’s godparents or extended family. Because it is a one-of-a-kind present, it can easily become a keepsake to be treasured and handed down to other family members over time.

Reservations and Pricing

Parents who are interested in having a sculpture made of their newborn’s hands or feet are encouraged to make a reservation today on Garman Sculpture Works website. The reservation should be made as soon as possible to ensure that the sculpture will be created while the baby is still in his or her newborn stage.

For parents’ convenience, Sean Garman also makes pricing available on the studio’s website. The prices vary according to the type of sculpture they want to be created.

Newborn babies grow and change daily. Parents often marvel at how quickly their babies change in appearance. They can remember their babies’ newborn stage and create a keepsake to be treasured by the family for years by enlisting the artistic help of Sean Garman. A newborn sculpture of their babies’ hands or feet captures their babies’ earliest days and also celebrates this special milestone in their family’s life together.