Does anyone really gift a friend or family member an Olive Garden gift card with any sense of pride or self-respect? We don’t think so. Any time of year is a great time to give a thoughtful present to a buddy or even a significant other, but if you’re desperately clawing through the gift card rack at your local grocery store hoping to find a well-thought-out gift in the form of a gift card, you can consider that $25 or $50 wasted. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a unique gift solution that includes a memorable experience as well as a keepsake that lasts a lifetime?

Fort Lauderdale Gifts That Last A Lifetime

Predictably, yes, this is where we come in and say that “Well, now there is!” Your friends over at Garman Sculpture Works create truly unique and meaningful gifts that feature you and your loved ones as the art! Expert and passionate sculptor Sean Garman specializes in hand sculpture services and sculptures for sale here in the Fort Lauderdale area.

Whether you’re interested in a baby foot sculpture, family hand sculpting or other sculptures for sale, our lifelike sculptures combine a fun experience with a sentimental keepsake that you, your friends and your family can hold onto forever. Learn more about Garman Sculpture Works here!

We’re sure that these gift ideas won’t come close to an unforgettable hand sculpture experience, but alas, check out these other gift ideas.

Surprise Them With Breakfast In Bed

This idea is more suited for couples, but if breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, then waking up to it might just be the best possible way to start out the day. Just make sure to serve it on some sort of spill-proof tray, because we’re sure that their special day doesn’t include cleaning their bedsheets and comforter.

Write A Poem From The Heart

Again, gifting your friend something like this might be a little bit strange, but this is great for a significant other. Some might see it as cheesy, but others see it as a truly beautiful way to express your love for your partner. Give it a shot!

Go On A Sunset Dance

We’re close to the beach here in Fort Lauderdale, so for our Florida locals, why not hit up your favorite spot and take a nice waltz on the beach? The setting sun will provide a gorgeous, romantic backdrop and you can also use the sand as an excuse for your questionable dancing skills. If waltzing is too slow, spice it up with some beachside salsa moves!

Bake A Personalized Cake

There’s no labor of love quite like a cake baked from home. Adding a loved one’s name to the cake as you’re decorating it, complete with a meaningful (but short) message on it is figuratively and literally the icing on the cake.

Create A Memorable Gift With Your Friends And Family Today!

Our unique sculptures signify the bond between one another whether you’re body sculpting, getting a hand sculpture or getting the whole family in on the wholesome fun with a family hand casting kit. Learn more about our Fort Lauderdale hand sculpture services by contacting Garman Sculpture Works today!