If you’ve surrounded yourself with people that you truly care about in your life, then you’re doing it right. From a good friend bailing you out when your car breaks down to the constant source of strength and emotional support from your significant other, human beings really do thrive when we surround ourselves with the people that we love. Should these individuals not go appreciated? Not that there should be a reward just for being a good person and loving one another, but going the extra distance to express your appreciation for someone in your life can really make a difference. Fortunately for you and your loved ones, Garman Sculpture Works has the ultimate gift experience in mind!

A Special Gift In Fort Lauderdale That Can’t Be Replicated

Going far beyond a generic gift card or afterthought of a present, our hand sculpture services are one of the most exciting things to do in Fort Lauderdale. Why? You’re creating a physical keepsake as well as a lasting memory all wrapped up into one fun, wholesome experience. By molding the exact shape and curvature of your hands, master sculptor Sean Garman expertly crafts something that you and your close friends and family can relish for a lifetime – and then some. We’re going to take a brief look at a few simple ways to show appreciation for the loved ones in your life. Learn more about couples hand sculptures here.

Randomly Pick Up The Bill

If you’re out to eat with some good friends or perhaps your family, considering paying for everyone when the original expectation was to split the check evenly. You might receive some disagreement from those intent on paying their fair share, but paying for everyone’s meal when they weren’t expecting it can be a lasting, genuine surprise. Just don’t forget to tip fairly!

Write a Thank You Note From The Heart

You don’t need to write an all-out love poem to the closest people in your life, but a simple, handwritten note can go a long way to show someone that you really appreciate their presence in your life. Well, this is under the assumption that your handwriting is legible enough, but we’ll just go ahead and trust you on that one.

Clean Up Someone Else’s Mess

It’s a simple gesture, but an effective one. Without the expectation of reciprocation or making them feel guilty about not washing those dishes, random acts of kindness like cleaning can go a long way to help someone out. If your friend or family member is going through a particularly difficult time in their life, this kind gesture is especially welcome. So, why not take the extra ten minutes out of your day to help someone out? Worst case, all you’re going to get in return is a “thank you!” for it.

Come Visit Us For a Hand Sculpture In Fort Lauderdale

Why not? You’ll have fun, bond with your friends and family, get to know Sean Garman himself, and bring a piece of you (literally!) home as sculpture art. So, instead of searching “hand sculpture near me” on the web, get in touch with Garman Sculpture Works today!

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