Ah, New Year’s – a refreshing time of change, setting resolutions, and reinventing oneself. As a cap to the holiday season, the turn of the calendar year is also a time to reflect and cherish loved ones, spending quality time with friends and family. When it comes to many people’s fabled New Year’s resolutions, the unfortunate reality is that many of them are simply not kept. The gym gets packed in the first couple weeks of January, and then thins out just before February strikes. People make plans and they fizzle out, they set goals that take a great deal of time to achieve, and they might even forget what their New Year’s resolution was in the first place. Maybe it’s time for something a little more meaningful and lasting to celebrate the New Year…

Family Hand Sculpture Services In Fort Lauderdale Create Lasting Memories

At Garman Sculpture Works, what we offer the Fort Lauderdale area is more than just a sentimental yet tangible gift that lasts a lifetime. Going through a family hand sculpture session with Sean Garman is an experience that creates lasting memories, a fun process that gets all members of the family or your friend group involved. As Florida’s premier hand sculpture artist, you’ve already found a solution that will stop your internet search for “family hand casting near me.” From great anniversary gifts to a family keepsake that stands the test of time, why not do something different this year? Learn more about family hand sculptures today.

Why Family Hand Casting Is Different

There’s a good reason (or rather, several good reasons) as to why New Year’s resolutions typically aren’t kept. You see, resolutions generally require a great deal of time, and in some cases, money. The longer a resolution takes to be completed, the more chance it has of fizzling out. Now, while our South Florida hand sculpture company does encourage people to set goals and follow their dreams, a family hand sculpture experience is only a one-time commitment. You will have to set an appointment, but once you and your family or friends drop by for a fun experience you’ll never forget, you’re done! Once Sean has completed your family hand cast, you’ll have a meaningful keepsake that’s built to stand the test of time. How cool is that?

Bringing Your Family Together – Literally!

Many activities and events are designed to bring family members together, bonding them through fun games, shared meals, and so forth. With family hand casts, you’ll be literally holding hands with your loved ones, going through the casting experience together at the same time. The sensation of getting your hands molded is an interesting one, to say the least, but it’s also a shared experience that encourages laughter, a positive attitude, and wholesome environment. Really, there is no other gift quite like a family hand sculpture. We’re a little biased, but trust us.

Come On Down For a Family Bond Sculpture

So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of the New Year and start things off right with a gift that you and your family will never forget. Schedule an appointment today!

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