Whether it’s the holidays or there’s an upcoming birthday or anniversary in your life, any time of the year is a great time to express appreciation for your friends, family or significant other. Even surprising a special someone with a well-thought-out gift out of the blue for no reason, in particular, is time well spent. By pleasantly surprising a loved one in your life, their memory of receiving said gift might be cherished for the rest of their life. Our point is that it naturally feels good to give gifts and spread joy from one individual to another.

Fort Lauderdale’s Artwork With A Personal Touch

As gift-giving enthusiasts ourselves here at Garman Sculpture Works, it’s no wonder that we offer such a unique and memorable gifting experience: hand casting and life casting! By using a plaster cast kit, master sculptor Sean Garman creates an accurate cast of you and your loved one’s hands. Perfect for commemorating a new member to the family or expressing a family’s bond with a family hand casting kit from us, our Fort Lauderdale hand cast experience is genuinely unique and something different for our local community.

In today’s blog post, we’re going to follow up with some more crafty gift ideas that don’t involve searching your local Barnes & Noble for some generic trinket at the last moment. Curious about hand casting? Learn more here!

Create A Scrapbook

Scrapbooks are a great way to capture memories and highlight various photographs of you and your friends or significant other. There’s also a lot of flexibility with creating a scrapbook as a gift – you decide what goes into it! So, if you want to make a lovey-dovey scrapbook for you and your partner, that’s great. If you’d rather keep things a little more casual and simply capture memories between co-workers, a sports team or a best friend, a scrapbook is an excellent way to go about doing it.

Go On A Long, Scenic Drive

Why not go on a nice cruise just for the sake of cruising around? Pick somewhere that you and a friend or a loved one haven’t been before, and make a day out of it. Consider packing a nice picnic lunch with you and pulling over at a nice spot to enjoy your meal. Bonus points if you have a convertible!

Do A Fun Scavenger Hunt

This idea seamlessly fuses a physical gift with an experience to match (just like our hand casts!). Write fun notes and clues that direct your partner or your friend around the house or a local park, for example, and when they find the final note, you’ll have a gift (or a gift announcement) waiting for them. Just make sure that you don’t hide something as generic and thoughtless as a gift card at the end of an otherwise fun experience.

A Sentimental Gift Unlike Any Other In Fort Lauderdale

Ultimately, what you decide to gift the people in your life is completely up to you, but why not make it a memory and a keepsake that lasts a lifetime? Get in touch with our hand cast and family hand casting company today to schedule an appointment!

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