Grandparents are often the tie that binds a family together. They are visual reminders of the family’s history. They also foster love among the different generations in the family unit. Because of their important role in the family, grandparents deserve one-of-a-kind gifts that can likewise remind them of their children and grandchildren’s love and appreciation for them. You and your family members can join in creating the perfect grandparent’s gift at Fort Lauderdale’s Garman Sculpture Works.

Unique Gifts for Grandparents

Fort Lauderdale sculptor Sean Garman provides a unique opportunity for families to create both memories and meaningful gifts at his Garman Sculpture Works studio. As the nephew of sculptor Michael Garman, Sean has a particular affinity for creating sculptures of body parts like hands, abdomens, arms, and even baby bumps. His creations are both realistic and artistic in their design and appearance.

Because his sculptures are so lifelike, they can be the perfect gift to give to people like your grandparents who perhaps do not get to spend as much time with the family as they would like. A sculpture of the grandchildren’s intertwined hands, for example, would remind your grandparents of their family and help them feel closer to you, your siblings, and your cousins.

A family hands sculpture or another artistic gift created by Sean Garman also can be the ideal present when you want to commemorate certain milestones in your grandparents’ lives. For example, instead of giving something that could lose its value and meaning over time, you can instead create a keepsake that your grandparents will treasure and proudly display in their homes. A Sean Garman sculpture can be the ideal keepsake to give to your grandparents on their birthdays, anniversaries, or during the holidays.

Reservations and the Creative Process

Creating the perfect family sculpture to give to your grandparents does require that you and your family members commit to the entire creative process. You can begin the process by making a reservation for you and your relatives. Online reservations can be made here. Depending on when you would like to give the gift to your grandparents, it may be advisable for you to make this appointment several weeks ahead of time.

The actual process of making the sculpture can be an enjoyable experience for you and everyone involved in its creation. You and your family members will be required to sit still as the mold is poured over your hands, arms, or other body parts. This short period of time allows you to enjoy time with your loved ones. After the molding is set, Sean will then perfect every detail of the sculpture, ensuring that it looks realistic and beautiful. You end up with a unique gift that your grandparents will treasure and one that you can be proud to give to them for any occasion.

Many families hold grandparents with the highest esteem. These individuals hold generations of the family together and foster love among people who may not see each other very often. You can show your family’s love and honor for your grandparents by allowing Sean Garman to create a unique and beautiful grandparent’s gift sculpture.