Coming up with unique and fun things to do on a date can be a challenge. After all, you and the person you are taking out for the evening may eventually grow tired of going to the movies or out to dinner. A more creative and intimate way to spend an evening with someone special can begin by making a reservation at Garman Sculpture Works studio in Fort Lauderdale. With the help of local artisan Sean Garman, you and your date can create both special memories and a meaningful work of art together.

An Evening at Garman Sculpture Works

Sean Garman offers Fort Lauderdale couples a unique date venue with his Garman Sculpture Works studio. With its fun and inviting atmosphere, the venue invites you to relax as you and your date spend time together during the creation of your work of art.

The process of creating the sculpture itself allows you and your friend to find out more about each other. You not only get to spend time sitting and chatting while the mold of your sculpture is poured and allowed to solidify. You also both get to decide together just what kind of sculpture you want to create together.

You have several different options when it comes to deciding what kind of sculpture you and your date want to make together. You may decide to have a sculpture of your hands made at the studio. You and your date can hold hands in whatever pose you choose. You can opt for a traditional pose or even come up with a comical pose if you prefer.

You can also choose to have other body parts used in the making of the sculpture. For example, some people prefer to have sculptures made of their feet or even of their abdomens. You and your date can decide together what kind of work of art you would like Sean to create for you.

After the mold hardens, your sculpture will then be carefully finished so that even the finest details will be visible. Sean brushes and sculpts each piece so that the lines on your fingers or the details in your jewelry will show through the finished product. The last step in creating your perfect work of art calls for you to decide what kind of finish you would like applied to the sculpture. You could opt for a basic white finish or choose one that is more decorative and colorful.

About Sean Garman and His Studio

If the idea of spending an evening creating memories and artwork appeals to you, you may decide for sure by learning more about the studio’s owner. Sean Garman has more than 20 years of experience creating sculptures and other works of art. He is the nephew of well-known sculptor Michael Garman.

Given his affinity and talent for sculpting, he is eager to share this experience with others in Fort Lauderdale. You can visit the studio’s website today to reserve your session with him. The pricing and other details for a date night at Garman Sculpture Works can also be found on the website.

A fun and creative date night in Fort Lauderdale awaits you at Garman Sculpture Works. You and your special someone can spend quality time together and also create a unique and meaningful personalized sculpture together.