1. Additional Unique Gift Ideas For The People In Your Life

    Whether it’s the holidays or there’s an upcoming birthday or anniversary in your life, any time of the year is a great time to express appreciation for your friends, family or significant other. Even surprising a special someone with a well-thought-out gift out of the blue for no reason, in part…Read More

  2. Unique And Interesting Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones

    Does anyone really gift a friend or family member an Olive Garden gift card with any sense of pride or self-respect? We don’t think so. Any time of year is a great time to give a thoughtful present to a buddy or even a significant other, but if you’re desperately clawing through the gift card ra…Read More

  3. Interesting Misconceptions About Greek Sculpture

    We’re pretty passionate about sculpture and creating life-like art (literally modeled after you!) here at Garman Sculpture Works. Right off the bat, however, we will say that we don’t currently do anything in the style of Greek sculpture. While Sean Garman carries great respect for classic art a…Read More

  4. Special Things to Do on Father’s Day in Fort Lauderdale

    Father’s Day 2017 is this weekend and, if you haven't yet planned a special activity with your Dad or, if you haven’t purchased a special Father’s Day present, you might be in luck! At Garman Sculpture Works we are in the business of making memories that last a lifetime and specifically cater …Read More

  5. Unique Anniversary Gifts for the Entire Family in Fort Lauderdale

    Often times anniversary gifts are only for your significant other. That is perfectly fine, and is exactly what an anniversary gift should be. That said, what if you wanted to share your anniversary gift with your significant other and the family you two have made with each other? That is exactly wha…Read More

  6. What are the best things to do in Fort Lauderdale?

    Things to do in Fort Lauderdale Fort Lauderdale can be considered as a city that is made for nature lovers and beach bums. This city is located about 23 miles North of Miami. If you are looking forward to visiting Fort Lauderdale, prepare  to engage in a variety of exciting activities. Here is a li…Read More

  7. Hand Sculpture Artist

    If you’ve never had a personal cast or sculpture made of your hands, you’re missing out.  Sean Garman is not only a hand sculpture artist, but an artist that is able to capture precious moments and memories in beautifully detailed sculpture works molded from your own hands, feet, or upper torso…Read More

  8. Unique Romantic Gifts in Fort Lauderdale

    Finding the perfect present to give to your significant other can become a challenge over time. The generic tokens for sale in department stores fail to express the depths of your love and devotion to this individual. Rather than settle for a present that could at some point become meaningless, you …Read More

  9. Newborn Sculptures in Fort Lauderdale

    As exciting as it is to welcome a newborn baby into the family, parents soon realize that their baby's earliest days pass by quickly. Their newborn changes and grows every day. Along with taking pictures and videos of their newborn, parents can also recall their baby's newborn stage by having a newb…Read More