South Florida artist, Sean Garman, learned at an early age how to design, create and build things. “My Father, Harry Garman, was a self-taught Drafter, Machinist, Carpenter, etc. He truly was a Renaissance man. As a kid I would watch him machine out parts he needed to repair these big, single piston engines, generators, guns… and then get them running. It was amazing to me… he could fix anything… he could build anything… he could do anything!”

Sean’s uncle is world-renowned sculptor, Michael Garman. “I went out to Colorado with my Father, when I was 19 years old and began working for my Uncle Michael. This is when it all tied together for me. I learned how to manufacture products in all kinds of materials. I was introduced to the business world and was inspired and motivated by my Father and Uncle to start my own company.”

Ditto Productions was founded in 1992 in Longmont, Colorado. “What an extraordinary experience! We were creating custom products for sculptors and company’s nationwide and shipping products all over the world. It was always something new and exciting. I learned so much and had an incredible time!”

Sean sold the company 10 years later and went into the corporate world but the yearning to create works of art never died. In 2014 Sean founded Garman Sculpture Works. “I have always been fascinated by the human body. Our bodies are the most amazing, versatile works of art to ever exist. Some of my clients cry, hug me and show me deep appreciation for the sculptures we make together. All of my clients have fun during the molding process and love their finished sculptures. I never experienced gratitude like this in the corporate world and now I get it on a daily basis!”