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South Florida Artist,
Sean Garman
Makes the mold directly on YOUR Hands
Bonded Together!

Your Family Bond Sculpture Will Be
Treasured in Your Family for Generations!

The Molding process is quick and FUN! It’s an experience you will remember for the rest of your lives!

From the mold, Garman creates the most Incredibly detailed sculpture of YOUR Hands Bonded Together Forever!

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What a terrific experience! My sisters and I had our hands cast as a gift for our mom’s upcoming 80th birthday. It turned out to be so much more… We laughed, we learned, we bonded, we had FUN! Sean was amazing to “work” with, every step of the way! Can’t wait to see the finished sculpture!!!!


Flossie Simon, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Flossie Simon

This was a one of a kind experience! Sean is an amazing artist and has a great sense of humor. This experience is not just about having a lifetime mold made it’s about feeling good and laughter.


Barbara Aran, Weston, FL

Barbara Aran

Love this place! They did an incredible job on my sculpture! The detail captured is so unique. I would definitely recommend this place to everyone! Perfect gift for anniversary’s, Birthday, Christmas or any special occasion. My sculpture is for my wedding cake table. Thanks Mr. Garman!! You guys are the best!!!


Ana Mercado, Weston, FL

Ana Mercado

I can’t begin describing how excited my family and I are to be able to be part of this process. Not only were they were very polite, they also made my girls laugh and feel comfortable throughout the whole process.


Gilbert Torres, West Palm Beach, FL

Gilbert Torres

Get more information about the process, how to get pricing, and to book your appointment!